You’ll Definitely Love These Different Types of Ribbons

Are you the type of person who goes for the silk ribbon? Or do you prefer satin instead? Regardless of the type of ribbon you use, there is no denying the usefulness of ribbons in the daily lives of men. First and foremost, ribbons are primarily known for their decorative qualities. Because of this, they are most often used for designing or decorative purposes in home, school, or even work projects. But even though ribbons are great at enhancing the appearance of numerous items and projects, they are also known to be used in special events and occasions. They can be used to symbolize a cause such as the ribbons used for cancer awareness.

But did you know that not all ribbons are the same? Actually, there are many different types of ribbons that you can use in different applications. The first one is called a Grosgrain. This type of ribbon is one of the most common types of ribbons and is known elasticity that is made possible by the thick woven fibers. Grosgrain ribbons are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors.

Next, there is also a Jacquard loom. Ribbons of this type are often exhibited by their exquisite pattern which can be found on both side of the ribbon.

One ribbon type you are most probably familiar with is Satin. Satin ribbons are not actually satin but are mostly ‘polyester.’ These ribbons are best for gift wrapping and can be bought in a number of colors.

The Picot Edge is your all around ribbon. It can be practically used for anything from tying bows to decorating ornaments. They are characterized by the series of twisted loops found on either one or both edge of the ribbon.

The most modernized ribbon is called a Print. You can basically print any pattern you like on this ribbon. This type of ribbon is similar to the appearance of Jacquard but the prints are often found only on one side. Words can also be printed on this ribbon. Print is also another inexpensive type of ribbon.

Now the ribbons mentioned above are called the affordable ones but there are also other types of ribbons that are more expensive to buy.