The Year-End Review Of Tech Companies

Perhaps almost all of the year end reviews of technology companies emphasize the positive side of their developments. However, it is important that one has to be actively informed about what he should learn and what was left out in the information advertised through social media.


The year-end report from the Apple Store charts would show the public that new games and applications can still break through as there were strong sales for different family games and even for cool and fun applications like Dubsmash. The game Crossy Road also made a huge impact on the market with over tens of millions of free downloads. The top grossing charts of Apple made it clear though that when it comes to the actual spending, the old games still dominate: Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Game of WAR. The main new arrival was the Candy Crush Soda Saga which was considered not to be really a very bold new invention.

What is considered missing from Apple was the absence of year end lists of the 250 applications that were pulled from the App Store during the month of October as these applications tend to gather private information of people.


The yearend review of Facebook sent out a very clear message that it is has certainly evolved to a whole new level rather than from expecting deluge of ice bucket videos as well as tell you about Ferguson protests. The review of Facebook included a list of the events in 2015 which were most talked about: refugee crises and the civil war in Syria, the attacks in Paris, the earthquakes in Nepal, Charlie Hebdo, ISIS, protests in Baltimore and issues on the equality of marriages. The events and moments showed this year affected everyone in the planet. It moved shocked as well as inspired people to take action. This is a whole new level of role that was pitched for social network as it becomes a place for activism and debate.

What is also important is to heed and give emphasis on the design of web pages like what companies like are doing.