Will Technology Change 10 Years From Now?

Decades ago, there were no smartphones and the internet was just starting to become popular. Today, Wi-Fi and mobile data are ubiquitous and smartphones have literally saturated the population of developed and developing countries. The pace of technological progress has continued to accelerate and it has changed the manner that people live and the way the companies do business.

10 years into the future and technology might still change. Although many businesses have moved to the cloud, word processors still remain as word processors and spreadsheets have remained unchanged whether in Excel 2013 or Lotus. However, Dan Bricklin who has invented spreadsheet told Network World that there will be changes in the next 10 years.

Productivity apps in the form of spreadsheets and word processors work best when used on a large screen with a keyword. In the world where mobile phones have outpaced desktop computers, people will not likely use mobile phones to access productivity apps. You can’t just navigate a database on your mobile phone or tablet while waiting for the bus because it certainly does not work that way.

However, if productivity apps will become more specialized and diverse, an individual could add data to the system while on the go. For example, databases of repair information would be critical to auto mechanics and plumbers since they do not have to log on to their computers for the data. Change has been relatively slow even if technology has continued to improve. Because of the growing awareness for technology, the next decade can substantially see more progress. There might be a productivity tool for mobile phones and wearables so that they can be reasonably used even with their smaller screens.

The internet is very important for Richards Plumbing Services because it allows the plumbers to interact with their customers. While it is common for customers to use the phone to seek for assistance, the internet is their source of customer reviews on the performance of plumbers. Plumbers understand the importance of the internet because it helps them promote their services without the need to pay big bucks for advertisement and promotional gimmicks.