What You Can Do With Your Online Marketing Agency Review Feedback

Being able to set up a system for receiving customer feedback is highly important for any online business. Gathering these reviews is one thing, but utilising them to benefit your business even more is just as important.

Here are four ways you can maximise the potential of customer reviews.

  1. Submit reviews to Google.

If your review platform is a verified Google Review Partner, Google can use customer feedback to boost your search ranking. Having reviews displayed as snippets also makes your company more visible and guarantees better CTR. You can also opt to use these reviews as paid Google ads in various spaces on the internet.

  • Share reviews on social media.

People are generally most active on social media, so placing customer feedback on social media pages increases your audience. Through art cards on Instagram, quick videos on Stories, and short captions on Twitter gives you a variety of ways to share reviews on different platforms. Your followers, who are both your loyal customers as well as potential ones, will see personalised content from everyday people, which then helps increase your trust rating and your relationship with them.

  • Advertise reviews offline.

Even if most of your business is online, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise your services offline. Customer reviews matter, whether one is reading it on a screen, on a billboard, or in brochures distributed on the street.

  • Highlight reviews on your website.

Your website will appear more appealing when you display real life testimonials from your own customers. Showing positive feedback like what the King Kong marketing agency review pages did will make future customers more confident in getting your services.

Not only are customer reviews necessary for improving the quality of your service, they also help reap a lot of benefits in gaining an even wider market for your agency.