What Is An Electric Fence Energiser?

An electric fence energiser is an electric device that handles the electrical pulse operated by a battery or electric power in the fence. You can use it to set the boundaries of your property and those found in it. The energiser will utilise a capacitor to store the charge and release it to the fence line or live wire. This then can ground an object or animal when they touch the electrical fence.

The pulse is sent to the live wire of the fence, which can vary on various brands and models of the energisers. The energiser can be battery or solar-powered. If it’s a battery-operated energiser, it will send a pulse time further apart to ensure the battery power is saved. There are several energisers that have buttons to allow the owners to time the pulse either fast, medium or low.

Knowing the Best Ways to Power the Electric Fence Energiser?

Depending on where you live, you must know that the electric fence energiser can be operated through batteries, solar or electric power. If you choose batteries, ensure that it’sfully charged to run more weeks of pulses.

How energisers are operatedis to utilise batteries attached to solar panels or a power source connected to electrical wiring. You will need to choose a power source that works best for your needs. If you choose batteries or solar-powered energisers, you cut downs costly expenses for power bills. After all, you only need sunlight to run it and make it fully charged.

You also ensure that the electric fence will run smoothly even in the middle midst of severe weather conditions. In times of power shortages, you have the battery or solar energiser running with reliability to ensure the safety of your property and everything around it. Just ensure you provide proper maintenance to your energiser, to make it last long.

If you choose electric fence energisers that are solar-powered, you ensure the fence is protected, especially when electricity is out. It can last many days if the batteries are fully loaded. Here, you save money from the installation rather than what mains-powered energisers can provide.