Video Game Developer In China To Employ Facial Recognition

Tencentis known in China as a technology giant developing video games. It might not be easy to find cheap CD keys of the games they have developed if there is actually one. In a recent announcement, the company said that they are going to employ facial recognition in order to monitor their players and put a name to their faces while they are playing Honor of Kings which is a video game released in the country.

The game is locally called WangzheRongyao but in the western part of the world it is called either Arena of Valor or Kings of Glory. The online game features battle scenario and can be played multiplayer. As of writing, it is one of the well-played games in China and its grossing is also record-breaking in the online industry.

Barely two months ago, Tencent said that around 1,000 video games who are in the Honor of Kings database are to be chosen in random. Their faces are going to be recorded before matching to the ID photos they have in the citizen database of China. This decision is part of the measure being implemented by the company to make sure that real names are used when logging in to the game in order to avoid children who are below 12 years old from playing in excess of one hour daily starting 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening. Minors who are 12 years and above, can play a maximum of two hours every day.

An additional feature is the blurring of the screen in case the player’s face is positioned too close to the monitor or the television screen. These are all put in place after the government of China criticized the gaming industry especially the game Honor of Kings. Xi Jinping who is the president of China, made an announcement about the bad side effects of playing too much video games. It is now easier to download video games and there are cheap CD keys available which is convenient even for minors to be able to play games regardless of where they are.