Video Conferencing Tools For Lawyer-Client Interaction

Most of the business world has moved online and law firms like Donich Law are also adopting technology to interact with their clients. There are different online platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and more but which of the tools are ideal for lawyers?

Unlike other businesses, law firms have unique challenges and requirements. Lawyers have a responsibility imposed by the law and bar rules to preserve client confidentiality at all times. Many of the discussions that take place between a lawyer and his client fall under strict privacy rules making some video conferencing tools as highly unsuitable.

Zoom is a popular online meeting place for businesses but there are concerns about security. Zoom has quickly addressed the concerns by providing security patches like prevention of “zoombombing.” This means that only allowed participants can join meetings. However, it is still important for lawyers to assess any lingering doubts with security and privacy of online meetings.

Skype has been around for a long time and now that it is owned by Microsoft, it provides users with a higher level of confidence. Skype can be a good video tool of choice if Skype can offer free accounts, simple to use video chats and unlimited video calling. Furthermore, Skype lacks end-to-end encryption. If the law firm prefers to stick it out with Microsoft, a better tool is Microsoft Teams that has a robust platform with more features.

Microsoft Teams has more features, looks better and has more security. However, you can only use Teams if you have Microsoft 365 subscription. Teams is an excellent piece of software with very nice features like the ability to search for specific sections during meetings. For example, if a lawyer has missed a particular part of a meeting, he can type in a few search words so that the relevant part of the meeting will be played. Security wise, both the lawyer and client are well covered.

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