UFO Files On The Internet

People are always fascinated with extra ordinary sightings. One unusual sight that continues to create an enthralling effect is the Unidentified Flying Objects or the UFOs. The UFOs are a mystery that sparks interest whether you are a kid or an adult. Many sightings were already recorded around the globe. Information regarding UFO has been for several years contained and classified from viewers. However, in recent years, UFO files are made available in museums and libraries in hard copies. Only people near the area are privileged to read and gain firsthand information regarding the mysteries.

Today, as the public continually seeks for information regarding these files and accessibility has also been an issue, the UFO files are already made available on the internet.

Making the public know

The Militarytimes.com reports that Air Force UFO declassified files are now available online. This means that anyone on the planet can browse through over 100,000 pages of declassified information regarding UFOs. Fanatics of extra ordinary sightings can judge for themselves if UFOs really do exist or they are just random images made to appear like some objects.

The man who made things possible

Through the effort of a guy named John Greenewald, the online publications of these documents were made possible. It took him several decades of hard work and patience filing for Freedom of Information Act requests before his petition was finally granted. He posted on the internet declassified reports from the US Air Force’s on UFO sightings. This was taken from Project Blue Book. Extraterrestrial sighting were compiled and uploaded on a database that is available online.

Project Blue Book

The Air Force recorded 12,618 sightings from Wright-Patterson Air Force which was based in Ohio. The project was conducted in the years 1947 to 1969. 701 of the sightings continue to remain unidentified. A published report from the University of Colorado said that there were not concrete evidences that the unidentified objects were indeed extraterrestrial.

On December 17, 1969, Project Blue Book was closed.

UFO Enthusiasts

The documents published online do not really give the readers any new and unusual news regarding UFOs. Still, these documents are vital in the research and affirmation of conspiracy theories of any random extra ordinary sighting fanatic.