Tourism New Zealand Launches Campaign To Attract Aussie Travellers

Seeing a tourism campaign is rare now, due to the fact that the tourism industry was one of the sectors that were hit the worst by the coronavirus pandemic. With more and more people getting vaccinated and restrictions being loosened, however, travel is starting to slowly come back.

With Australia and New Zealand now allowing for travel between each other, Tourism New Zealand decided to launch its first major campaign in a long time. With collaboration with Special Group, the campaign Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go was launched.

The campaign shines the spotlight on New Zealand’s landscapes and its friendly inhabitants, with the central idea of how New Zealand can offer Aussies their dream holidays. The ads for the campaign show an Aussie and their Kiwi guide travelling across the country, experiencing a wide variety of things, from fine dining to jet boating.

Tourism New Zealand Marketing Lead For Australia Declan Malone stated that they know that Aussies, who accounted for 40% of international arrivals to New Zealand, miss travelling abroad, and that they wanted to remind their friends in the AU that New Zealand, and all of its beautiful landscapes, wide horizons, and welcoming people are only a short flight away.

There’ll be plenty of time for someone to write up a king kong marketing review regarding the campaign, as it runs for 12 weeks, having started on May 6. The campaign will feature in all of the AU’s major channels, including Cinema, TV, social, radio, and the like, with additional support from PR and trade activity.