Tips For Expanding Your E-Commerce Business To Cross-Border Markets

The US and Canada share a very strong economic relationship and have many agreements that help make trade easier. A good 90% of the Canadian population lives within a hundred miles of the US, which makes for strong import and export relations between the two North American countries. But this figure isn’t just talking about major cargo; according to BDC, in 2019 over 97% of businesses that exported their goods came from SMEs. 

As e-commerce grows, more and more businesses are looking to maximize the opportunities for trading between the US and Canada. If you are a small business owner, perhaps this could be your first step into tapping a global market. Read on to find out the best practices you should consider before taking the big leap.

Understanding customs and taxes

As you will be dealing with two separate governments, the amount of paperwork and fees may double. It’s important to understand what laws are in place for both Canada and the US. This can be a very complex process, so it would be wise as well to hire a customs broker who can work out the requirements for you.

A small inconsistency in the documents or a delay in processing can lead to a domino effect of consequences, which will affect your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

Looking for a reliable carrier

Having a reliable carrier will do wonders in easing the hassles of complex procedures. Since they are experts at what they do, they will be able to tell you the best methods for delivery, including the mode of transport, efficient routes, border requirements, and more.

You can also choose between opting for a Full Truckload and Less-Than Truckload depending on the volume of items you are shipping out.

Choosing the right delivery and packaging methods

Be smart about your shipping methods. You can opt for flat rate shipping fees so as not to burden yourself with cost computations. You can also decide to ship more amounts but less frequently. Find the right packaging that will not waste precious cargo space or add to the weight of your cargo.

As shipping options are constantly evolving based on current needs, international commerce is becoming second nature to both consumers and sellers. Refer to Titan Transline for flexible options on how your small business can cater past the border walls to help you stay ahead of the game.