The Lucrative US-Canada Cross-Border Trade

The US and Canada enjoy one of the world’s most lucrative trade relationships. Goods worth billions of dollars are moved by cross-border trucks every day. Trading between the two countries has been largely consistent through the years making them dependent on each other’s resources. 

The United States relies heavily on Canada’s vast resources that include oil, natural gas, and electricity. On the other hand, US automotive products are Canada’s leading imports from the United States. The growing popularity of online shopping among Canadian consumers has encouraged many US retailers to expand their reach to the Canadian market. 

According to a study made by Forester Research, online spending of Canadians has increased due to recent developments. There was an increase in the number of Canadian retailers who have expanded beyond their brick-and-mortar capabilities. An increasing number of US retailers were encouraged by the increased accessibility to Canadian customers. Consumers in Canada prefer online shopping because of its convenience and efficiency. 

US retailer have recognized the vast opportunities present in Canada’s growing online market. They have started to offer Canadian versions of their US websites. They have also made efforts to improve delivery to their Canadian customers. Examples of US retailers that have Canadian-customized websites include Target, Walmart, Amazon, J. Crew, and Nordstrom. 

The US and Canadian governments have taken steps to encourage trade between the two countries but border clearance processes remain highly complicated. 

Customs documentation in Canada, bilingual labelling, and packaging requirements are particularly challenging not to mention the handling of federal and provincial sales taxes. In recent years, trucking and logistics providers must comply with security protocols. 

Another thing that must be taken into account by online retailers in both countries is the regulatory environment. Changes and modifications tend to happen on a regular basis with hardly any notification provided. It becomes the shipper’s responsibility to stay abreast with any changes to ensure compliance. 

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