Are Telcos Ready To Reinvent Themselves As Internet Players?

People walk past the main entrance of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain February 24, 2017. REUTERS/Albert Gea

Big telecom operators from Vimpelcom to Telefonica are prepared to reinvent themselves as internet players in order to set themselves free from the industry’s straitjacket of low growth. Spain’s Telefonica will introduce its broad plan called the 4th Platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona while Russia’s Vimpelcom will remake itself as a tech player in messaging apps.

Telefonica’s 4th Platform will help consumers and business customers to have greater control over their data instead of giving it away to the web giants. Vimpelcom, Russia’s emerging market operator has undertaken a total overhaul of its business as it prepares for deeper internet partnerships with streaming music sites and online transport services.

In the United States, AT&T, the telecom giant has signed a few huge deals to diversify through its acquisition of Direct TV for $67 billion. AT&T is currently waiting for the approval with its offer to purchase Time Warner for $110 billion. According to lawyer Tom Levine, head of Allen & Overy’s global telecom practice, telecom operators are forced to look to new sources of revenue and margins due to the pressure of regulations and pricing.

There is also an open question whether the industry has the structural capability to change. Telcos have been hoping to break free from the shackles of consumer regulations so that they can branch out to internet services in their local markets but they are always beaten by new global startups. As telcos brace to offer their customers new networks that can handle increasing data use on phones, cars and offices, dramatic changes seem to occur. There is the new generation of 5G networks that will provide a new business option however; it will also result into competition from computer, internet and industrial players that have their own digital plans.

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