Super Jobs The Result Of Robotics

In a recent report published entitled 2019 Global Human Capital Trends which based on the survey conducted by Deloitte, the digital age will open up a new opportunity for jobs. The big difference is that instead of the traditional jobs, there will be openings for super jobs which are mainly powered by machines and data-driven. This could affect all industries including logistics in Perth which is currently one of the most important industries in the world.

According to analysts, new technologies will no longer be used to assist routine tasks but rather it will used as a tool to broaden the current scopes of every job which also entails that roles will be redefined.

It can be said that Australia is currently leading as it is able to adopt new technologies and make sure workers are prepare for what’s to come. In fact, around 95 per cent of the businesses within Australia are already preparing because it is expected that industries will be more dependent with modern technology including robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and cognitive technology.

Deloitte’s survey showed that 52 per cent of businesses are already employing automation in an extensive manner or in various functions within the company while 50 per cent are already trying new ways wherein AI can be used. There are also businesses, about 35 per cent, that are already utilizing AI but only for a few functions. For the 64 per cent of business, they propose to use more robotics in the coming years until 2022 while 74 per cent are preparing by hiring employees that have digital skills.

The lead partner of Deloitte Human Capital, David Brown, admitted that the workplace is slowly changing because of automation, AI and robotics but research revealed that majority of organizations are able to cope up with these changes. This is also changing the concepts of jobs therefore in order to fully make use of technology organizations are tasked to adjust in order to search for the human dimension that will complement with the given work.

For instance, routine works involved in logistics in Perth will soon be handled by machines therefore man power will be able to focus their skills on super jobs.