States Accuse Google Of Monopolizing Online Ads

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Meanwhile, 10 state attorneys general have accused Google of illegally abusing the monopoly over technology that delivers digital ads. According to state prosecutors, Google is overcharging publishers for the ads that it shows online. Competitors who have tried to challenge Google’s dominance have been edged out.

It has been said that Google has made an agreement with Facebook to limit the social media’s efforts in competing with Google for advertisement dollars. However, Google said that this claim is baseless and that digital advertising is a free market.

Last October, the Justice Department and 11 states have said that Google has illegally monopolized online search engines and the ads that appear on a user’s search results. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission and more than 40 states have accused Facebook of illegally acquiring younger rivals that are likely to become its competitors. Apple and Amazon are also being investigated by the FTC.

Google has its own unique system of selling ads online. In 2007, Google acquired DoubleClick that is offering advertising technology, a move that has been highly criticized. Google now dominates every step of the ad process. The lawsuit also argues that Google has used its dominance in online advertising to hurt publishers, competitors and customers in the process.

Meanwhile, Google said that it has a vast array of rivals in advertising technology. Its services work with those that are offered by its competitors. In recent years, AT&T and Amazon have tried to compete with Google for online ad sales.

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