Start Your Vietnamese Vacation With A Luxury Hotel In Saigon

As the main commercial and economic centre of Vietnam, Saigon throbs with excitement and energy. With over nine million people and nearly six million motorbikes running on the busy city streets all day and night, the city fascinates the chaos with a luxury hotel in Saigon, some restaurants and cafes, and shopping centres. Definitely, there is something a visitor can recognise when spending a luxurious and worthwhile vacation to the busy metropolis.

From high-end shopping to rooftop dining, there’s certainly an exceptional luxury experience in Saigon:

  • Shopping

If you’re out for a genuine Chinese ambiance in Vietnam, why not be at the Binh Tay Market or the city’s Chinatown, where almost all locals go to shop. Or you can head to the Ho Chi Minh City Centre or Diamond Plaza for high-end shopping. You can also go to the Le Cong Kieu Street where you can shop famous antiques that an eager shopper will enjoy.

  • Rooftop Bars and Views

If you want to enjoy an incredible view of the city, go up the tallest Bitexco Financial Tower. You can proceed to the EON 51 Heli Bar if you love to enjoy the cocktails aside from the spectacular views. You can enjoy the sparkling wine with Tanqueray gin, lime juice and mint, or the Le Loi Johnny Walker whisky with soaked sugar cube and a dash of soda. Enjoy it while the music is at its loud side. There’s also the La Villa French Restaurant to go to if you like fine dining.

  • Central Post Office

The building was designed by Gustave Eiffel, which showcases the grand exterior of the French architectural design. When you enter this tourist attraction, you’ll be surprised that it’s a completely functional Post Office. On its walls are historical map murals of south Vietnam, Cholan and Saigon. A large mosaic of the late leader meets every people coming in and out of the building.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

At the city centre is the Notre Dame Cathedral with the statue of the peaceful St. Mary holding the globe. Constructed in the mid-1800s, the building showcases the classical French architecture. It’s located in a colourful corner of downtown and many tourists never miss a visit here. After a hectic tour and adventure, they return to the luxury hotel in Saigon to relax and soothe themselves.