Sony Releases New Lenses For X-Series Cameras

Security cameras have been a staple product for iHome Alarm Systems. Adding up to the roster of security cameras available, Sony has just released a number of additional lens options for its popular X-series outdoor mini-dome cameras.

The X-series has been a popular choice from Sony due to its excellent quality and affordability. The additional lens options ranges from very wide which covers large areas and to narrow lenses which focus on pinpoint specific details in an area. Moreover, these new lenses may potentially increase the installation possibilities of the X-series, which may make it look attractive in several areas and locations.

The viewing angles available range from 113°, 83°, 51° and 25°, they allow a wide range for choices for consumers. The lenses also come with Sony’s new e-Varifocal technology. This allows you to adjust the exact focal length of the cameras from a remote location. The additional features of the X-series mini sized IP camera allow it to be suitable to any location and any angle.

The additional lenses can be used with any of the Sony X-series mini dome cameras namely: SNC-XM631, SNC-XM632, and the SNC-XM637.

A sample video released by Sony captured with the SNC-XM631 camera, which was installed over a till in a shop, shows a comparison between the old standard 113° wide angle lens and the new optional 83°, 51° and 25° lenses.

The very compact size and inconspicuous form of the Sony X-series cameras is due to the fact that they use a fixed lens instead of varifocal lenses that require larger spaces and bigger forms. With the new e-Varifocal technology lens options designed by Sony, compact and unobtrusive form factor is still possible yet you need not compromise the variety and quality of viewing angles available.

This new feature in the Sony X-range cameras , the e-Varifocal technology, provides three key benefits:
1. Electronically adjustable zoom
2. Electronically adjustable field of view
3. No focus adjustment required

The e-Varifocal lens allows the focal length to be adjusted digitally and from remote areas. It also maintains your selected resolution while switching focal lengths and angles.

These new features make the Sony X-series mini domes more flexible and affordable as a security camera choice.