Sometimes, You Don’t Actually Need That Lawyer…

It’s important to treat happenings in life with the seriousness that they’re due. If it’s a serious legal matter, or life-changing development, then, by all means, consult a professional. However, if it’s something a bit less serious, then calling in legal experts might be overkill.

Let’s clear things up a bit…

Call a lawyer when…

  • Dealing with anything that might lead to you in cuffs. Anything regarding criminal behavior, like white collar crime or tax fraud, as well as DUIs, are definitely reason for consulting a lawyer. Granted, some cases are minor enough that you actually don’t need that lawyer, but getting a free consultation to be sure is still a good idea.
  • Bodily harm is involved. If you’ve been the victim of bodily harm or perpetrator, then a lawyer is a must.
  • Estate plans. Don’t let the TV ads fool you; estate plans take a lot of careful consideration. You can’t do them over the internet. Best have a lawyer on-hand for that.
  • Long-term commitments and a lot of money involved, like buying a house? Lawyer. Now.
  • Someone dies. There’s a lot to deal with when someone dies; estate tax returns, estate income tax returns, among other things. Best to call an expert.
  • Legal separation or divorce. Between splitting up properties, changing legal documentations for names, distributing debt, and custody of the kids, there’s just so much a divorce involves. Needless to say, it’s in your best interest to have a law firm like Donich Law helping you out with this.

When not to call a lawyer…

  • It’s just a matter of principle. See, while this is all well and dandy, sometimes the costs really do outweigh the principles of the thing. Principles can be costly, in a literal financial sense, so best consider just dropping the matter altogether.
  • Tree hanging over your fence. A common issue among neighbors, this one is generally covered by a local legislation, with the yard owner generally having the right to trim the offending branch. Easier to talk this through with a neighbor; if the tree has fruit, it might be better to leave the foliage be in exchange for some of its bounty.
  • You got fired after a quick employment. If you’ve been axed due to accusations of wrongdoing or got your benefits taken away, then yeah, an employment lawyer is due. Otherwise, chalk up getting fired to life experience.
  • Contractor going over budget. This one’s a bit iffier, but if they went slightly over-budget and the results are actually up to par, or even better than promised, then why complain?