Solar Panels On The Gold Coast And The Advances In Technology

The evolution of solar technologies has influenced many people since the 1960s. In the past, solar photovoltaics seemed to be a future thing; however, the breakthroughs in technology today have positioned and prepared the industry to develop its potentials into greater levels.

Advances in solar energy technology

Many researchers have long been looking for a means to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of solar panels on the Gold Coast energy. A solar energy PV array is composed of numerous solar cells that each of them convert the radiance of sunlight into electrical energy.

  • Nanoparticles that are light-sensitive

There is a recent set of scientists at the Toronto University that discovered a new form of nanoparticles that are light-sensitive calling them “colloidal quantum dots” which many believe would offer cheaper and flexible materials used for solar panels. The new type of materials uses the “n” and “p” types semiconductors that can function outdoors. This discovery is a unique one. The past designs did not have the capacity to function outdoors, thus, they were not practical uses for the market.

  • Gallium Arsenide

Researchers in London also believe they have found gallium arsenide, a new material that can create PV solar systems that have thrice the efficiency of the existing products available. The cells of this new material can be altered chemically to capture more sunlight.

Advances in the storage of energy

One major concern of modern scientists is to look for new ways and means to store and keep energy that is produced by the solar PV systems. Because the sun does not shine the whole day, solar PVs can only meet electrical demands when the sun is shining which results in loss of electricity if not used. Although there are numerous types of batteries available on the stores, they cannot store energy for a long period and are still inefficient. Even the latest designs cannot meet the demands and are costly, so they don’t attract much customers. This is the reason why many scientists are exploring different alternatives to store electricity.

There are still numerous advances in technology that scientists want to develop to resolve the concerns of solar energy technology. When these new ways will be fully developed, many consumers can enormously reap the benefits of this technology.