Seven Factors To Consider While Choosing A School

Choosing a school is an important decision for parents. School plays an important role in the academic success and overall development of a child. Parents should be careful and take an informed decision about choosing the right school.

Here are some important factors to consider while choosing an international school in Bangkok, for your child. You can choose the factors that are most relevant to you.

  1. School Fee and Other Charges

If you are opting for a private or international school, costs are an important factor to consider. School tuition fee and admission fees differ from one school to another. Some schools also charge one time deposits. Gather information about the total fees you have to pay to get an admission in the school. The school website is a good source to know about fees and charges.

  1. Location of the School

Before choosing a school, consider its location. Calculate the distance between your home and the school. Know about the transport options provided by the school.

  1. Selectivity

Some schools are very selective about admissions. Well-known schools have lengthy admission procedures and strict criteria to admit students. Research the admission criteria of your preferred school and ascertain whether your child fulfils the requirements.

  1. Curriculum and Programs

Curriculum is the most important accept to consider, while choosing an international school. Choose a school that has rigorous and updated curriculum. The school should have a broad and balanced curriculum that equips students to compete with other students around the world.

  1. Size

The size of the classroom plays an effective role on the learning of a child.  Children perform better in smaller classrooms, which enable one to one interaction with the teacher.

  1. Extra-curricular Activities

If your child is interested in activities like sports, dance, drama etc. it is recommended to choose an international school in Bangkok that offers opportunities for children to learn these arts. These extracurricular activities provide children an opportunity to pursue their hobbies.

  1. Safety

Choose a school that is safe and organized. The child should feel safe in the school environment in order to perform better. While visiting the school, ask about the security arrangements at the school and also know how the school deals with issues like bullying.

You can consider all or any few of these factors while choosing an international school in Bangkok to secure admission for your child.