How Rotary Dryer Works

A rotary dryer is a type of heavy, industrial equipment that functions to reduce the liquid moisture content of a material. The machine works by subjecting the material into direct contact with a heated gas. The material is fed to the equipment through the feeding hopper using bucket elevator or belt conveyor. After that, the material goes through the feeder then into the feed pipe. To allow the material to run smoothly into the dryer, the feed pipe slope is designed to elevate higher. However, there are rotary dryer pipes that are designed horizontal instead of the usual cylinder. To fuel the rotary dryer, a hot air furnace is supplied by hot flue gas. The fuel of rotary dryer is usually made of natural gas, waste wood, coal, diesel and other fuel materials.

When the wet material passes through the cylinder pipe, the lifting pipes inside the dryer move the materials up and down in order to create close contact with the hot flue gas. In the process, the moisture content of the wet material evaporates and turns into water vapor. As a result the subject material transforms into dry ones.

During the drying process, a high pressure induced fan is utilized to further eliminate water vapor from the rotary dryer. Along the process, dust can accumulate together with the water vapor and goes into the cyclone dust collector. When the substance goes into the cyclone dust collector, the dust is then separated from water vapor then drops down from the bottom of the cyclone dust collector. The water vapor remains at the top pipe of the cyclone dust collector then finally; it goes out into the atmosphere through the chimney.

After the entire drying process, the belt conveyor of the rotary dryer transports the dried materials into storage rooms or truck. To find out more about how a rotary dryer work including its maintenance, talk to a qualified operator or the customer representative agent of a manufacturer or your preferred dealer. You may also want to request for a price quotation if you intend to purchase a unit.