Printer Problems: Maintaining An ID Card Printer

In a business, it’s important to keep employees and customers secure. Part of that lies in ensuring that employees are easily identifiable. Uniforms, IDs, everything to ensure that no one with any insidious intent hides amongst the many employees of the business.

Of course, in business there are costs and security is no exception. Some companies, to spare themselves the cost of hiring an external service provider, purchase their own plastic card printer, and decide to make the ID card production process with the appropriate facilities in-house. Of course, this means more cost, and more maintenance; an ID printer is, of course, another piece of equipment; it takes space, it costs money, and it requires regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is key to keeping any piece of equipment running properly, ensuring that they are worth the cost of acquiring them in the first place.

For a plastic card printer, regular use leads to dust and dirt making its way into the internal components of the device, such as the roller, exacerbated by the fact that the cards used for ID printing have a tendency to generate and discharge a notable amount of static during the printing process. Over time, this leads to lower quality prints, manifesting as blurry images, distorted text, wrongly tinted colors, etc, which is not desirable.

Here are some tips to keep that printer in tip-top shape:

  • Use cleaning swabs. Whilst it may be somewhat problematic to have to rely on more equipment, in this case, cleaning swabs, to clean the printer’s mechanisms, it will ensure the best result. Using anything ill-fit, with sharp objects being a notable egregious example, to remove dust and debris from the printer may lead to permanent damage to components, which would necessitate the need for a replacement, which costs more.
  • For more complete cleanings, consider a cleaning card. For cleaning the internal mechanisms of the printer, such as the rollers and printheads, a cleaning card is a must. They are designed specifically for such a task, and, conveniently, purchasable in any store that sells the printers themselves. Whilst the cleaning cards are quite costly, they can help maintain a plastic card printer like no other, and are very much worth the investment if used properly.
  • Using a cleaning roller can improve performance. A cleaning roller is an extension to the printer that picks up particulates from blank cards mid-printing so that the printer remains as clean as possible, and consequently, the prints remain as high quality as possible. Consider the options when buying one; branded or generic, singular or multi-packed.