Plasterers And Bricklayers Earning Higher Due To Construction Demand

Construction boom is an advantage to many in the industry including plasterers in Sydney because the demand for skilled labour is also higher. This was recently documented in the United Kingdom based on the research published that shows how the average earnings of a bricklayer is 10 per cent higher compared to a typical architect.

The poll was conducted by the Federation of Master Builders which revealed that bricklayers are earning an average of £42,034 while an architect in the United Kingdom earns £38,228. A number of skilled workers in the country are also earning higher than before including plasterers, floorers and scaffolders. Based on one of the firms based in London, they are paying their bricklayers £90,000 annually.

Brian Berry, the chief executive of FMB, believes that money talks and it is evident upon looking annual salaries that many of those that are in the construction industry are earning higher compared to individuals who have graduate roles.

In England, the average salary of a university graduate is about £32,000 annually while bricklayers and roofers are getting paid an average of £42,000 all over the United Kingdom.

Berry therefore explained that it is not surprising that there are those who prefer to pursue a career where they can get into the construction industry.

For those who wanted to have a lucrative career dealing with technical trade, plumbing is the way to go because the average annual salary is £48,675. Following on the second spot are electricians earning £47,265 a year while third are civil engineers with annual earnings of £44,253. Other top paying skilled professionals include steel fixers, carpenters and joiners, floorers, roofers, plasterers, plant operatives, scaffolders and bricklayers.

Office for National Statistics revealed that architects in the United Kingdom are earning an annual salary of £38,228 while painters and decorators are earning £34,587. For those who are working as general construction operatives, the yearly salary is £32,392.

The goal of the government now is to create an equal esteem in technical education as well as academic to encourage the youth to give the same consideration to both. In Australia, skilled tradespeople such as plasterers in Sydney are also worried about their future since not many youths are inclined to enter the industry.