People Are Now Spending More Time On Their Mobile Phones Than TV

The internet has changed the way that people buy motorcycles or scooters. In the past, you have to go directly to the dealer to check out the 2-wheelers available. Nowadays, you can simply go online and look for the website of Suzuki motorcycles on sale to view the wide range of Suzuki bikes including parts and accessories. The website also includes information on affordable financing packages.

According to recent statistics, 57% of the world’s population is using the internet. The increase in global internet users has shifted the trend in consuming entertainment and the relationship between customers and brands. Previously, the only sources of communication were from radio, TV and print but things have shifted by 360 degrees.

People are now using the internet for entertainment, information, education, marketing and business as well as social media. Personal computers are now considered outdated and laptops have become the more convenient devices for consumers. However, new statistics reveal that mobile is taking over because it’s small size and portability.

Reports indicate that the mobile industry may soon take over every other industry. A study by Zenith Media shows that adults in the near future will be spending more time on their mobile phones than TV. This does not mean that TV will no longer be the dominant medium for mass communication; it still stands first with average viewership of 167 minutes, which is more than mobile at 130 minutes.

Other mediums like the desktop computer have experienced decrease among its users at 40 minutes on average. Magazines still generate 4 minutes while newspaper has 11 minutes. Reports reveal that the average time spent on mobile has increased by 3.7% this year or 3 hours and 43 minutes for the average user. Advertisers are taking mobile video ads more seriously with the US spending $69.9 on mobile advertisement.

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