Outdoor Gym Opens In Brooklyn

For companies handling gym equipment installation, the increasing popularity of outdoor gyms is good news, with local governments calling in companies to set up the equipment.

One of the latest cities to get an outdoor gym is Brooklyn. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Prospect Park Alliance and Flatbush Councilmember Mathieu Eugene, Brooklyn got a new $750,000 adult recreation area at the Prospect Park Parade Ground, which opened earlier in May.

The fitness area is partly an outdoor gym, and contains 12 types of fitness equipment, designed to be used for people of all abilities. There’s also a section for group classes, as well as custom ‘step-up’ blocks, made of concrete.

President Sue Donoghue Prospect Park Alliance says that parks are important to the health and wellness of communities, and Brooklyn is no exception. She says that the new adult fitness area, for which they had to call gym equipment installation in, combined with the other improvements to the Parade Ground will do much to improve the quality of life. She extended thanks to Council member Eugene, a long-time ally and supporter of Prospect Park Alliance, for helping make this development possible, and aiding in keeping the Park vibrant for the many people that consider it part of their community.

The construction of the new recreation area was part of a project that started in the preceding spring, aimed at restoration a large part of the park. It included installing a new misting line along the soccer fields, which had artificial turfing that saw a lot of use. The new misting line is set on timers, and sprays a cooling screen of mist when the fields are hottest and under the most use. Other improvements included as part of the project were dealing with the drainage issues at Baseball Field 7, rebuilding the volleyball court, and then adding more trees for shade and installing new seating.

Currently, the Alliance is working on plans for the southwest end of Parade Group, with the goal of bringing in more fitness amenities for the people of the park. If all goes well, officials say that this new project will be done by 2021.