Online Reviews Are Important For A Brand And Here Are A Few Reasons Why

Access to the internet has changed how people change the way people shop for things that they want and/or need. 

These days, the vast majority of online shoppers read online reviews before turning to a business or buying a product. That’s why companies put much stock into online reviews: they matter.

Online reviews matter, and here are some reasons why.

Driving purchases

People are more likely to make a purchase if we have people backing it up, even total strangers. Online reviews provide social proof like no other, and they have a major impact on sales.

People are more likely to buy your stuff if other people say it’s worth buying. 


Most shoppers look up stuff on search engines like Google and Bing before deciding what to buy. Different search engines have their own ways of indexing content, but the common thread is their preference is original and fresh content.

Online reviews provide a steady pipeline of that needed content, which is why they help visibility. Trustworthiness

Good online reviews build trust and credibility, as they show whether or not your products and services are good. 

The funny thing is there’s a sweet spot for review scores. Yes, high scores are the desired outcome as shoppers prefer brands with higher averages, but 4/5 is the best. Too low builds distrust, too high feels unrealistic, which, in turn, builds distrust.

Communicating to customers

This one’s more involved, but customers are increasingly expectant of companies responding to reviews, which makes them feel like their voices and opinions matter; that they’re being heard and the company actually cares.

When customers post king kong marketing reviews, they want the companies to take notice.