Online Live Streaming Of Sport Games At Sports Bars: Is It Legal Or Not?

In today’s digital world, it is very important for a sports bar in Caringbah to have high speed internet. Sports fans that choose sports bar as their meeting place watch games together and comment using Twitter. Twitter becomes very vital because it allows fans to make their own analysis of things going on in and off court.

However, French-language sports channels RDS and TVA sports have increased the fees that they demand from sports bars and restaurants. As a result, some of the sports bars and restaurants dropped out of showing the channels entirely. Other sports bars had to accept the new fees imposed by the sports channels for the 2018-19 season of National Hockey League but they changed their packages or selected channels that did not require additional fees.

The increase in fees was badly received. Restaurants where showing sports games are not essential have completely dropped the two services. Small bars have replaced sports games with music videos. Others chose to subscribe to TVA sports to show Canadian games only on Saturdays when there are big crowds. Others unsubscribe when the Canadian team is eliminated from international matches.

Another solution is the internet but businesses have to face some legal challenges. There are online platforms that are broadcasting Major League Soccer games. Apps can cost about $20 a month but you get everything online. Distributors say that the use of online streaming is illegal but according to Pierre Trudel, a professor in media law at Université de Montréal says that this is a grey area.

Music has rights that are administered by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. Establishments have to pay fees to gain the right to play music even if the source is online. There is no similar organization that has rights over audiovisual works like sport matches.

The perfect place where people can catch up on the latest sports and blockbuster events is sports bar in Caringbah that has 17 giant TV’s showing non-stop sport games. You can watch every live match and replay of 2019 NRL season and 2019 AFL season while enjoying a meal. You can also request for other games to be played like cricket and golf.