Office works Opens Biggest Store In Victoria

Office works, an famous retailer of office furniture in Auckland and across the world, recently opened their largest store in the AU, as well as the largest of its kind in the world, in Mentone, Victoria. The store began operations earlier in March 23.

The new store clocks in close to 6,500m2, four times bigger than the average Office works store, with a stock of 35,000 products, which is twice as much as the average store. The products available include a huge range of art supplies, as well as educational materials, which are the new categories that the retailer entered in 2018. Alongside these are the standard products, like office furniture, tech products, as well as professional copying and printing services, among others.

The retail brand, known for selling supplies and office furniture in Auckland and across the world, is taking a ‘more is more’ approach, with the Mentone branch to act as a field test. If operations are successful, they’ll take the ideas used in the store throughout the company network, adding more XXL-format stores around the AU in the next few years.

Office works Managing Director Sarah Hunter says that it’s more than just the new Mentone store, it’s about what the retailer can do for their stores in Australia, all 165.

The Mentone store is notable for the timing of its arrival, as other retailers are taking a more conservative approach to their stores, reducing the number of branches as well as average size, in order to compensate for increasing rents and decreased foot traffic, as well as to capitalize on the growth of the online shopping industry.

Hunter says that the decision made by Office works is solid, as it enables the company to show off to customers, to let them see that the retailer has more to offer than just office supplies.  She notes that other, smaller Office works stores don’t have the capacity to host the retailer’s full product range. Hunter says that not everyone wants to browse online, while some still want to get an up-close, personal look at products before considering a purchase.

Hunter says the new store is aimed at helping customers see what retailer can be, as well as to see how customers respond to seeing so many products in person.