Now Hotels And Airlines Use Technology To Provide A Better User Experience

It is common for the older generation to use a travel agency when they want to book for accommodations at business hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand. Many seniors are resistant to change so that they choose the simplest way to plan their flights and accommodations for their next vacation even if they have a better option through the internet.

Seniors appreciate talking to a human with a friendly voice and who can answer most of their questions in real time but unknowingly, they are being charged a hefty amount for the services. The big commissions that travel agents earn are justified because they invest both time and efforts to coordinate with hotels, airlines, transportation services and many more. Besides that, travel agents have to compete with a huge number of online services that automate their tasks and provide a more convenient and efficient booking system for travellers.

In the last decade, the flashiest technology that was introduced to the market is blockchain that can be employed to streamline booking, flight planning, payment and other functions that used to be delivered through middlemen. AirBnB and Booking is easy to use but sometimes users are not informed that there are substantial costs associated to credit processing and the software that the sites use.

Blockchain platforms help travellers avoid the high costs of payment processing, booking and management by hosting a hotel marketplace on blockchain.  Companies like Lockchain is using blockchain platform where customers their use their tokens for accommodations with no fees involved. 1000 hotels are now included in Lockchain marketplace even if it is a relatively new technology.

Artificial intelligence is another technology tool that can be used by the travel and hospitality industry. Airlines can use AI tools to gain insight on data mining and use them to suggest appropriate flights, rooms and experiences to travellers. If a traveller books a flight in Chicago, AI bots can place hotel deals, restaurants discounts and events advertisements to their peripheral vision.

On the other hand, if you book directly through the website of business hotel in Sathorn, you are guaranteed an incomparable experience. Hotel facilities like the luxurious spa and fitness centre are completely designed for your convenience and enjoyment.