LNG Projects To Establish Engineering And Logistics Companies In Perth

An alliance of various companies are considering Western Australia’s capital city of Perth as home to LNG projects, expecting the city to be on par with Doha, Houston, and Aberdeen.

From Norway to Australia

Mike Deeks flew from London to Norway to push international businesses to establish engineering and logistics companies in Perth, opening up thousands of high-paying jobs to its residents. The Western Australia’s government hopes that these engineering and logistics companies in Perth like Worley Parsons, Halliburton, and Schlumberger would invest on local skilled workers, offering up to $200,000 annual salary.

The LNG Task Force

The push for these companies to employ locals will be led by Mark McGowan, Meredith Hammat, and other representatives from established companies and institutions in the country, including the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Shell, Wood side, Santos, and Chevron.

Mark McGowan explains that they are the gorilla in the industry. He adds that they have made plans to get the right people from the right companies to be in the same room and discuss this matter so that they can establish a long, successful future in Australia, and work together towards it.

Strong Local Service

McGowan adds that the city had the edge against established energy capitals, especially because they have a strong local service sector. They believe that the workers in Perth can provide high-quality service, not only in meeting the requirements of the company, but also in propelling innovations, and developing improvements to make the productivity even better. With up to 45,000 jobs projected to be available, many of the citizens in the city are high-skilled workers that could greatly contribute to the long-term success of the companies that would choose the city as their headquarters.

Stedman Ellis, an APPEA chief operating officer, explains that the competitive sector of the city can generate up to 8,250 local hobs. The city’s increasing capacity and exporting services are seen as their edge, marking Perth as one of the largest LNG hubs in the world.

According to a report conducted by consultants McKinsey and Company in 2016, left without any intervention from industries and the government, the service sector would support 10,000 to 15,000 less jobs in the country. Such is a huge number to fill in terms of unemployment and income disparity. This further highlights the importance of taking necessary steps to get companies on-board and invest in the city.