How Laser Tag Got Its Inspiration From Star Wars

Star Wars was launched to the public back in May of the year 1977. The movie then has a big impact to the imaginations of many people who are destined to create great things. One god example is George Carter who devised a new way for teens to spend their free time and that is through the game of laser tag which he invented.

Carter’s imagination was awakened after seeing the opening scene of the classic space opera directed by George Lucas. At that time, it was held in a theater in Las Vegas and it inspired him to develop a new war game based on that scene. This is the time when kids are playing pretend to shoot their friends using their hands with beams of light. On the other side of the spectrum, Carter is already making it possible.

The first challenge that Carter had to go through is the federal regulation that states people are not allowed to shoot lasers at each other. After working out the details of his entire game system, it was time for him to come up with a name. He chose laser tag but according to his lawyers, the name is too generic and applying a patent for it can be challenging thus he went with Photon instead.

Visiting the official Laser Tag Museum, one will be able to see the original set used by players during their battles which weigh 13 pounds. The set includes a high-tech helmet at that time equipped with receivers for radio frequency and signal lights that is responsible in letting the wearer know that they have been zapped through its momentary disruption. There is also a Photon Phaser that has a beam of light and is used to score. A Photon Control Module is the heart of the game. It contains a micro-processor chip that is responsible for the communication between the Photon computers that are controlling the game. Through this central computers will know that players have been hit and their Phaser will not work for 10 seconds after that. To complete the laser tag gear of the past, the player has a Power pack that is responsible in powering all the Photon Space gear.