Importance Of Digital Tools For Supply Chain Management

Logistics and trucking providers like Titan Transline were already making great strides towards digital transformation when the world was hit by the coronavirus. While disruptions in the supply chain were quite common, it is the uncertainty and far-reaching implications of the pandemic that highlighted the importance of integrated and digital capability.

Over the last three decades, supply chain management has evolved from a merely operational function that focused strongly on logistics and basic demand to an independent and strategic role to ensure better performance and customer satisfaction.

Evolution in the supply chain has included advanced digital technologies like Internet of Things, sensors, robotics, cutting-edge analytics and other modern technologies to eliminate waste and enhance the experience of customers. While many of the disruptions caused by the pandemic have been lessened, actions taken during the crisis continue to influence the journey towards digital supply chain.

Unexpected disruptions can cause confusion. The components of the supply chain like providers of raw materials, trucking and freight carriers may be interrupted for an unknown period. A business can make timely decisions if there is real-time access to reliable information. If there is a digital system in place, supply chains can capitalize on their resources like shared data, simple analytics tools and human talent.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there were disruptions in several segments of the supply chain. Logistics companies have to act quickly in order to understand what is happening at the ports, warehouse facilities and factories across the world. They had to implement contingency plans and provide updates to their customers. Digital tools were used to collect and monitor key data.

By implementing digital solutions to link existing platforms with customers, vendors, distribution centres and key systems, problems can be eliminated. It will allow improved production planning, inventory management and product fulfilment while reducing operational costs and increasing the agility of the supply chain.

Technology is very important to Titan Transline to provide positive customer service experiences. The company offers accurate tracking and real-time reporting on the status of the goods throughout the USA and Canada. Any questions or concerns are addressed immediately to eliminate any problems.