Illustrated Map Showcasing The Worst Utopias In The United States

There are many believers of Utopia and even so in the United States. A recent illustrated map was released showcasing some of the utopias built then eventually turned into worst nightmares.

  • Home Colony and the Radical Nudists. Home was known to be a group of people who are aiming for free love as well as anarchists supporters. The utopia eventually turned out to be involved in a nudist feud. Home was established back in February of 1896 and started by three individuals who are looking for individual freedom. They started at the small inlet which is located 10 miles from the Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. This is where Home was founded and served as their colony. The founders are Oliver A. Verity, L.F. Odell and George H. Allen. The problems sarted when many residents complained about their nude bathing which is a norm for them. Many were arrested for this reason. Home was dissolved when World War I broke and anarchism is no longer a big issue.
  • This is a spiritual utopia that intended to invade the local government and was considered as the largest bioterrorism movement in the US. It started in Dalles, Oregon but it originated in Poona, India back in 1970. They created a salmonella raid in an attempt to force the people in voting their candidate in the local government. The move created an opposite effect and the locals voted against their representative. The utopia eventually collapsed in 1987 and the foundersfleed the country.
  • Octagon City. This utopia was created by Henry Clubb back in 1856. Every structure in the Octagon City is of octagonal shape. This is the utopia with the shortest term, lasting only for a few months. The colonists recounted how the conditions were bad inside the Octagon City and eventually the utopia dissolved in 1857.

Fruitlands. It was built in June 1834 by Charles Lane and Bronson Alcott. The system was created to avoid the corrupt society and people had a chance to lead a simpler life. The utopia which was included in the map illustrations eventually dissolved becauseof lack of food.