How To Make It Easy For Customers To Leave Their Feedback

People are talking about your brand and competitors constantly. They can be raving about your products or services or complaining about something that causes them dissatisfaction. You certainly want to stay on top of their conversations because their opinions certainly matter not just for public relations and marketing but for product development and sales.

It is common for companies to have a specific survey question where they can get a general pulse on the customer’s perception of the company. However, answering survey questions must not be a burden to the customer. Questions must be easy enough for the customer to understand including the rating scale. Typically, high response rates are generated from a single simple question.  

The best survey question is not emotional. It does not ask the customer on how satisfied he is with the product or service. The question must ask the intention of the customer like how likely will he refer the product to others. It can be a single question with a numeric scale from 1 to 10. Since rating scales can be adaptable, the survey can include emojis, texts, or stars. It is not time-consuming and definitely easy to understand and answer. By asking the same questions, you will be able to identify happy and unhappy customers.

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