How To Get Online Reviews

In an age when people spend so much time online, it’s no surprise that online reviews have become as powerful as they are. Any self-respecting marketing expert like King Kong Sabri Suby know how useful online reviews can be.

It’s no surprise that businesses do what they can to get reviews from their customers. Here are the things businesses need to get reviews.

Good work

Naturally, one of the best ways to get reviews from customers is to provide them with the best service possible. Happy clients are very much inclined to talk about businesses.

Of course, businesses and brands need to drop hints; talk about reviews and referrals, put up links to Yelp and Facebook, and the like. They need to plant the seeds ahead of time.

Have review profiles set up

Brands have many review sites to pick from, so it’s up to them to figure out which one can give the best returns for them. They know their business and their industry, or should, and that should inform their decision.

Yelp and the like are good starting points, regardless.

Aim for the best candidates

Two things to remember about asking for reviews: it’s asking someone the brand has worked with recently, and that not everyone will write up reviews.

For brands, the best targets for asking for reviews are the people that have had good experiences, remember them, as well as being willing to put their credibility on the line. Even the not-so-ideal customers can be asked for feedback; an honest answer, even if it’s a negative review, is a chance for a brand to learn what they need to improve on.