How Search Engine Algorithms Consider Customer Reviews

Your website and blogs may contain a lot of valuable content but it cannot compete with the reviews left by your customers. Praise from customers carries more weight than advertisements and could influence consumers to make a confident purchasing decision.   

Customers who write reviews typically use a certain type of language and phrases. As the business gains clicks from online review sites with links that contain such phrases, Google and other search engines will start to associate the business with the positive phrases.

Social conversations mean interactions and engagements in social media which can be enhanced by incorporating customer reviews in the social media marketing strategy. When you showcase the customer’s personal experience with the brand, social conversations are increased as well as overall sales.

Businesses with high ratings are favoured by search engine algorithms. Good reviews can help the ratings soar, increase authority and social proof and contribute to ratings on their own. Customer reviews account for nearly 10% of the total rankings factors that algorithms use.

Google determines the star rating of a business by reviewing certain review sites where companies have had at least 30 unique reviews over the last 12 months and whether the average rating is 3.5 or higher. It depends on Google whether the star ratings will appear next to the company’s name.

A digital marketing agency understands that king kong SEO reviews are crucial to their search engine page rankings. They do not want to leave the company’s reputation to chance so that they encourage clients to post a review based on their personal experience with the brand.