Have A Spare Tire Purchased At TDot Performance Canada

If you have a flat tire, you need to attend to it immediately, or you’re stuck in some place where you need to call for help. If you have a flat tire, replace the tire with the vehicle’s OEM spare wheel or tire right away. Have the tire inspected for leaks and punctures. Should you find a puncture, have it repaired to avoid more tearing. Apply patches carefully to both inner and outer parts of the tire. Unless you have a proper equipment and experience, let a qualified mechanic do this job for you to ensure safety. Or if you like, you can order from TDot Performance.ca some wheels and tires for spare.

Loose nails, screws and other pointed objects could have penetrated to the tread and may have resulted to a tire leak. The leak should cause a flat tire and will need immediate attention. If the tire is flat, you need to stop running your car as it can permanently damage the rubber which make it difficult to repair. When you have a flat tire, stop the car in a safe area and replace it immediately. Leaving the car with a flat tire can damage the steel threads enclosed inside the tire, which may result to deformation.

Note that you need to repair the tire leak instantly to avoid more damage. If the puncture has fully permeated inside the tire, you will need to take it to a qualified shop like TDot Performance.ca for help. A professional may help remove the tire from the wheel and patch the tire from the inside. Always remember that if you patch a tire, it’s the right way to repair the leak. If you prefer a DIY job, ensure you bring the required tire repair kit especially during emergency situations. With such replacement, you will just have to jack the car and dismount the wheel,so you check accurately for leaks.

Also,be aware that having a damaged sidewall on your tire can make it irreparable. What can be repaired is only the tread of your tire. So, ensure that you have obtained spare tires for your vehicle, to prepare you just in case of flat tires. You can also secure wheels and tires from TDot Performance.ca for top quality products at an affordable price.