Google Publishes SEO Guide To Help With HTTP, Networking And DNS-Related Matters

Search engine optimization is pretty much everywhere in digital marketing, so a lot of digital marketers and brands pay attention to it.

Google accounts for such a huge chunk of the search engine and digital market that it’s no surprise that what they say and do with regards to SEO has a lot of sway in the space.

Recently, Google published a new guide and help document for users, brand owners, and digital marketers everywhere. The document details how HTTP status codes and any errors related to network or DNS impact a site’s performance and ranking on Google Search.

The document is available for public viewing in the Google Search Central documentation area, and can be neatly broken down into the following major sections:

  • HTTP status codes
    • 2xx codes
    • 3xx codes
    • 4xx codes
    • 5xx codes
  • Network errors
  • DNS errors

A few notable points in the document are as follows:

  • Any redirect error has a grace period of 10 hops before Google’s Search Console hits it.
  • As for 301 vs. 302 redirects, Google says that a 301 redirect is a strong sign that the redirect target should be canonical (the main copy of a page), while 302 is a weak sign.
  • 200 status codes mean that the page will definitely go to Google’s indexing pipeline, but they don’t guarantee that the page will be indexed.

Notably, this is one of the few times that Google has so clearly documented HTTP status codes, and network and DNS errors in such detail. People working on their king kong SEO review have gotten bits and pieces from the search engine, but this document provides some much-needed clarity.