Google Can Now Look Into Past Searches To Recommend Results

Google recently implemented changes that make even old King Kong SEO reviews and the like relevant, as the search engine can now use past search data to recommend searches. The search engine implemented improvements focused on linguistic ability.

Google can now offer easier-to-understand experiences for people that want to look for things that are in their search area, like a movie to watch with their family. Mountain View, a California-based company, is looking to take advantage of this to get a stable position against the competition for their search engine.

Before Google implemented this new feature, Google searches were hidden. Google talked about it on their blog, saying that they haven’t transferred the meaning of queries to others. The company explained that searching for something, there won’t be any additional results from the first search. Instead, Google will take note of the most common keyword used in a particular search to drum up a typical result that isn’t relevant or personalized to something a user searched for.

In short, users on Google can follow up on searches like King Kong SEO reviews and the like, without having to start over from scratch.

Google Search Product Manager Bobby Weber issued a blog post, giving an example. For users that search for movies like The Polar Express or A Christmas Story, Google will take note of what they searched for, and then put up related movies to help people find the right selection better.

On top of Google’s web page, relevant searches will be displayed in order for people to find titles similar to the ones they originally searched for.