Factors That Greatly Impacts Home Automation

If you are a techy person, you know how trendy is the home automation system nowadays that many homeowners are excited about the idea of turning their house into one. The idea that you can control the various functions inside the house, such as lighting and temperature, with just the use of your mobile device can be exciting. Compared to a few years ago, there are now many changes when it comes to the technology and system used for automation. These changes are seen because these are what impacts the current home automation industry. Let us look at some of these.

First, it can be noted that controllers are now much easier to control than before. Before, in order to convert your house into an automated one, you need to install one system for each aspect or feature of the house such as the thermostat, lighting and the security system, among many others. Now, there are easier solutions that are introduced in the market that has shown to be more streamlined. The biggest name that has created an impact is the Echo created by Amazon. There is also the awaited released of Google Home which is offers many functions. Apple recently announced that they are upgrading their app for HomeKIt and after which the controls will be simplified. This is an up and coming industry and it is no wonder that there is such a stiff competition between big brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon. Homeowners will more likely jump into the bandwagon if the system they offer is simple and has more functions at a lower cost.

The next factor that impacts the home automation industry is the new products that are released in the market. There are now products that make it possible to have moisture detector and a watering system in one integrated system. These new products will present a threat to companies such as ADT that are earning from the annual subscriptions from their customers which can be quite expensive. Lastly, many manufacturers that are selling products for automated homes are now changing the way they market their products to the consumers. This is done by giving the customers an actual tour of an automated home thus encouraging them to try out the system.