Events’ Safety And Security Through Tech

The world has witnessed one of the worst shootings in the history of the United States which happened in Las Vegas. This place is one of the busiest as well as the most common venue for events. Even those who are working in event hire in Sydney still thinks about the impact of the shooting. Days after the shooting, the yearly IMEX America trade show occurred on the same place despite concerns.

The organizers of IMEX America did a lot of things to make sure that all the attendees are safe and secure during the entire time. This is also a proof that the industry is currently doing their best to prioritize safety and security with the help of technology. During the IMEX America, there were 5,500 guests and 3,200 participants for the exhibition. It was held in the exhibition hall of Sands Expo and Convention Center which spans 2,000 square foot.

It is noticeable that there are K9 units available, Hunter and Zeus, which are working under the Metropolitan Police Department of Las Vegas.

Carina Bauer, the CEO of IMEX Group, said that the sight of the dogs alone will make anyone wishing to do harm think twice. There were also guards who are both armed and unarmed while security procedures are implemented such as random bag inspections and camera feeds reviewed by staffs of security in Sands.

Events held in today’s age make use of various technologies to ensure everyone’s safety such as magnetometers, X-rays for bags, security cameras, RFID and facial recognition.

According to experts, the security ad technology used in events continues to evolve and it will no doubt improve faster after what happened in Las Vegas.

Shooter Detection Systems, a company that manufactures Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detector said that there is an increase in the number of individuals asking about the device. The device can detect when a gun is fired and where it happened inside the building. The information is then sent to security personnel. It also has the capacity to access the surveillance cameras and start a lock down of the establishment. Notifications are then sent to mobile phones while first responders are sent an alert. All of this can be accomplished in less than a single second. This is why an event hire in Sydney is positive that this will be the pioneer in technology to be used in events.