Evaluation On Internet Articles About Braces

Published online articles about orthodontic braces may vary in quality. Others may lack information while some, according to a study from the Netherlands, may not be precise. Due to the convenience of online searching, more and more orthodontic patients look for answers on the web. While it helps many readers, there are people who question the kind of information they find.


To conduct a study, the team of researchers made use of different search engines to locate websites that provide oral hygiene advice for braces. They went on with specific search terms, such as “oral hygiene and braces”, “how to clean braces”, and other common terms. They were able to conduct an evaluation on at least 62 websites in terms of reliability, access, and usefulness. They also checked the level of readability and how complete the information they provide. Majority of the websites were written by professionals and edited by orthodontists. Only 15% were found to have been authored by unknown contributors. A lot of websites are also established by authentic clinics, such as ExeterOrthodontics.com, an online orthodontic page of Exeter Orthodontics.


The study finds that the websites can be accessible, especially those that include video instructions because they are good for audiences who are vision and hearing deficient. When it comes to readability, the pages scored moderate or on average. 13 to 15 year olds can easily understand their information. The websites also got a moderate score on the completeness of information. Majority of them were able to give instructions about how patients should brush their braces while half were recommending a good toothpaste brand. However, out of 62 websites, there were only 17 that are complete with oral hygiene guidelines. Researchers say it was problematic because patients should learn from online dental clinics especially about dental health. Patients who are not aware of the importance of properly cleaning teeth and braces are susceptible to dental and oral issues. This is why at ExeterOrthodontics.com, all necessary information that viewers should know are well-provided. You can also ask questions to the chat support agent that will pop out once you visit the page.