Enhancing The Sustainability Of Packaging Machines Through PC-Based Control Technology

The ongoing trend today is for sustainable packaging wherein packages are designed to be safe and effective throughout its lifecycle. The manufacture of packages should make use of renewable energy with minimal carbon footprints. Packages must be recycled efficiently as a valuable resource for subsequent production of packages. A family-owned company that is behind the plastic packages used by some of the largest American food and consumer goods manufacturers is endeavoring to make its automation system more sustainable by looking for a way to easily replicate new control system upgrades and enhancements into their machines. Their choice of technology is the PC-based control to ensure that their products are safe and environmentally responsible.

It has been the company’s mission for years to provide sustainable packaging to its clients. In order to achieve the goal of being environmentally responsible, the company regrinds plastic leftovers from the production processes and melts it back down to be reused for renewable drink cups, lids and portion containers. To-go boxes are entirely made from plant-based materials so that even if they are thrown in the landfills they will not result into negative effects to the environment.

Where does automation come in? Traditional PLC-based manufacturing systems no longer match the objective of enhancing sustainable products. If the manufacturing systems are upgraded to the PC-based control architecture, the benefits will include enhanced overall data collection, easier programming, better machine performance and higher product quality. With global expertise, customers are assured that the thermoforming machines meet global standards and design specifications. Due to the open architecture of and flexibility of PC-based control, it can easily be replicated on other machines so that their systems can be upgraded and enhanced. This will ensure that packaging machines will become more flexible and sustainable.

Among the different PC-based control types that are expected to transform all the machines, TwinCAT software will enable an efficient process of migrating to higher performance while continuing to use the standard PC-based control architecture. This technology will also ensure that the goals of providing best in-class plastic packages for customers will be intensified particularly in the food manufacturing industry.