Emergency SOS Feature Saves Woman From Sexual Assault

According to a WTKR report, a woman who wants to remain anonymous almost became a victim of sexual assault were it not for the Emergency SOS feature on her iPhone. A friendly stranger who was asking for help to find his lost phone tried to sexually assault the women at the Oceanfront. The woman allowed the stranger to use “Find My iPhone” app and everything nearly turned into a nightmare.

You might never need it but it is important to learn how the Emergency SOS feature works. First, make sure that you are running the latest version of iOS, particularly those with older iPhones. Since iOS 11 works on devices that are as far back as the 2013-era iPhone 5, it would be a good thing to use this version on your device. If it is possible, try to upgrade to iOS12 to ensure that your location will be sent to the local 911 center if and when you use Emergency SOS.

If your device is an iPhone 8 or later, activate Emergency SOS by holding the side button of the device and one of its volume buttons. Emergency services can be called by flicking the slider that appears or by holding down the two buttons to trigger a countdown. Once the countdown hits zero, the device will automatically call emergency services.

For those with older iPhones like an iPhone 7 or earlier, tap the device’s top or side button 5 times in a rapid manner and then drag the slider to dial emergency services. The countdown feature is not available on older iPhones.

In the middle of the attack, the woman held the power and volume button down at the same time and the device automatically dialed 911. Since dispatch was on the line listening, police were sent to the woman’s location. The police caught the attacker who took off and run down the beach.

If you are accused of sexual assault, you need to talk with a criminal lawyer who will tell you about your rights, the defences and the legal system. The burden of proof is high in the criminal court and assault must be proven without any reasonable doubt.