Embracing The Card-Based Design In Web Designing

Web designer Perth are constantly updating themselves for the latest trend in web designing. Every year, there will always be new web designs which will dominate the market. A few years ago, if you can recall, parallax scrolling was popular and is still even in use today. Lately though, long scrolling pages has had a negative impact to website users.

One trend that has not really gotten much recognition like other trends and which has been around for sometime is the card based design.

Perhaps the most popular website which showcases the card based design trend is Pinterest. There are also other websites that are using this approach in design and of course with good reason. When visitors browse a website that uses the card based design, they will immediately notice that it is free from clutter and is well-organized which at the same time has a simple yet very elegant approach.

Here are some benefits of the card based design to your website:

  • Grid approach to IA. When you take a closer look at card based designs, it will be impossible not to see grid based designs coming through. The reason for this is that every edge of the card is actually the edge of different grids that is bigger and well organized. This promotes harmony and consistency in the way the site is presented. This style will then significantly help the information architecture of your website. The so called information architecture refers to the intelligent flow and order by which visitors absorb the information provided by the website.

Heavy reliance on various images. The old saying that goes people is by nature visual creatures has been abusively used but in the card based design, this saying takes on a whole new meaning. Designs which are card based rely heavily on visuals provided. Going heavy with images is the strength of card based designs because according to studies and surveys conducted, images elevate the web design. For example, using high quality pictures of human faces in images will boost conversion rates of site visitors.