Electrician Skills Move With Technology

These days, to be good in what they do, an electrician is not only skilled in electrical appliance repair but must also be well versed in computers and understand complicated networks.

Adam Palmer is an electrician that manages electrical systems being installed on buildings, works with electrical technicians and skilled men. Though he graduated with a degree in electromechanical engineering from the university, he preferred to do this job.

Palmer shares how working in a building made him see more of science and the advanced technology that goes with it. He also believes that electricians of today are considered to be workers with knowledge of the more advanced technology. The designers of the equipment are not the only persons who know the system better but the ones who install them as well.

A good example of these are apprentices in the union being required to use their own laptop when they start their training program this coming September.

According to Jim O’Connell who is the director in the training center located in Dorchester, workers are not only required to be skilled in doing hands-on tasks but must also be good in computers. Training centers nowadays are equipped with computer laboratories, an amenity common to all colleges nowadays.

There are also training workshops for those electrical contractors interested in learning more high-tech skills related to the job. Most systems nowadays are automated and skilled individuals are required when installing.

These advanced training are not only needed by the workers who install them but most especially by the people who maintain them every day. With this redefining of roles and skills, janitors in some cases are now called energy management technicians.

This is true in Boston where the electrical systems used on most commercial and industrial buildings, such as universities, hospitals and laboratories are complicated.

This is most important in the case of hospitals or any medical facility because the electrical system must be calibrated carefully and accurately. The same electrical system is used in giving shock to patients – which could mean life or death.

Not only are these systems advanced but some of them are already adapting a more eco-friendly option which requires less energy and a more complicated system.