Donald Trump’s Scepticism Over Computers And The Internet

Donald Trump will be the third US president to be inaugurated in the 21st century, an age that is dominated by the internet and computers. The president-elect is quite proficient with social media although he remains sceptical with emails, the internet and the computer.

In one of his press conferences, Trump told reporters that computers are complicating lives greatly because although there is speed and a lot of things, it does not have the kind of security that is needed. Because of widespread internet and email use, many Americans are exposed to security problems like hacking and identity theft.

On the other hand, Trumps’ views on computers and the internet do not jive with most Americans. According to Pew Research Centre, almost ¾ of American adults own a desktop or laptop with 92% of internet users still using emails. Former President Barack Obama owns an iPad and uses a laptop to receive the President’s Daily Brief of classified information.

Trump’s scepticism over computers is not just a matter of connecting because he will be inaugurated into office at a time when the United States faces the challenge of intense cyber security to the radicalization of US citizens online and the slew of recent hacking attacks orchestrated by foreign governments.

In spite of the confirmation of the US Intelligence Community regarding Russia’s meddling of the US presidential elections, the president-elect has continued to reject the findings on Russian hacking. He has raised doubts on whether Russia was actually behind the hacking. Perhaps, his distrust of the conclusions is meant to protect the power of his electoral mandate.

In Trump’s sworn deposition published by the New York Times, he claimed not doing emails although his secretary sends emails on his behalf. According to Trump, he does not own a computer in his home or office. However, 29% of American adults are still confident over the privacy and security of their email records.

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