Distribution Park In Doncaster To Open 500 Jobs

The planning department of the Doncaster Council has already given the go signal for the extension of the West Moor Park Distribution. The park will be located in the south part of Holme Wood Lane Armthorpe. The approval would also mean that there will be an additional 528 jobs that will be opened at the current Next facilities found on the site.

According to reports, they were able to discuss at the meeting things such as a major company will be providing a large investment for the project. As a result, there will be more than 500 opening for those who are looking for jobs at the new warehouse. In addition, 528 jobs will be secured at the current Next facilities.

The good news was confirmed after Next was given the approval to build a new warehouse which will have a manufacturing factory for sofas to be located at the site in Armthorpe. The new factory will have an area of 600,000 square feet and will be placed adjacent to the warehouse of the company. It is said to be operating starting this August.

According to the CEO of the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, Dan Fell, Next is one of the biggest employer of Doncaster and it is a possibility that more jobs are going to be available. This confirms the fact that Doncaster is considered a national hub when it comes to warehousing as well as logistics thus more major businesses are coming to the area. This is attributed greatly to the excellent infrastructure that the town has to offer.

There are some concerns that were voiced out regarding the effect on traffic as well as noise in connection to the building of the extension. The plan was given the go signal but it must adhere to agreement stated in Section 106 that demands the developers to provide funding for any road improvements near the site.

Paul from Pro Jett is positive with the news of another warehouse being built as long as the plumbing system follows the standard required.  This is not the only good news as there are other major developments that are set to open in the area.