Demand For Computers Reach An All Time High During The Pandemic

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Work for some companies during the pandemic has become busier than ever. The demand for computers has reached an all-time high because employees are required to work from home. PCs for People, an organization that offers low-cost computers and tech support in Cleveland works through its storefront on 31st and St. Clair in Cleveland.

According to the organization, demand for computers has gone up tenfold since the pandemic. From the usual 200 hundred computers per month, demand has gone up to more than a thousand per month. Executive director Bryan Mauk is happy to serve the community to provide people with what they need.

Meanwhile, donations for computers have also increased fivefold so that the organization has reached out to corporations that are recycling their computers. According to Mauk, they offer free data wiping and pick-up to corporations. The computers will be deployed to people who need them.

People need computers so that they can file for unemployment benefits, to apply for jobs or attend virtual job fairs. In Cleveland, it was found out that one in five households do not have a computer and internet access.

PCs for People has teamed up with Cuyahoga County and Ohio Means Job to provide computers and internet hot spots. Free kits include preloaded software like Windows 10 and 3 months free internet. After 3 months, people can access unlimited data that costs $16 per month. Aside from Cleveland, free kits are also delivered to Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Elyria, and Lorain.

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