Couriers Can Now Open Your Door With Amazon Key

More than a decade ago, Amazon introduced Prime which is a subscription option that allows members to have free shipping for their items and will be sent within two days as long as they are in the United States. The service has evolved since the introduction and it is now possible for members to get same-day delivery while some can be sent within hours. Not all delivery companies offer the same courier services and Amazon is putting it in the company’s shoulder to develop more innovations to make delivery efficient and faster.

There are cases wherein the customers are not at home to receive their parcel. This is when Amazon decided to put up lockers situated near building lobbies as well as convenience stores. They are now experimenting on drones to serve as their delivery men which will drop the parcel straight to the customer’s backyard.

This year, Amazon is taking technology a step further in terms of delivery. It is now possible for Amazon couriers to unlock the front door of the customers where they are delivering to make sure that the package is delivered safely inside.

They refer to the service as Amazon Key and it only works if the customer has the latest Cloud Cam from Amazon along with a compatible type of smart lock. The camera is considered as the hub and it will be connected online through the internet at home. The camera will be able to access Zigbee which is a wireless protocol that is used by majority of smart home systems.

When the courier delivers at the customer’s home, the barcode has to be scanned which will send the request through the cloud system by Amazon. When everything is confirmed, the camera will receive a message and it will start recording. The courier will then get a notification on their application to swipe the screen and the door will automatically unlock.

They just drop the package inside, lock the door through a swipe and then they are good to go. The customer will receive an alert of a package delivered along with the recorded video of the delivery. This is a breakthrough in courier services but the decision still lies with the customers if they are comfortable with the setup.