Computer And Internet Beyond The North: Will The Cold End You?

Eager to spend the rest of your life in the cold winter of the ‘North’,  taking no wife, bearing no children, and own no land just like the rightful  heir to the Iron Throne, Jon Snow?  Bet not, especially with no computer and no internet! In the real world, you know Game of Thrones is a work of fiction, but where else in this Earth could be considered ‘North’? That’s right! Canada! Cold but a beautiful place. Though it is that way, there are computer cafes and Internet service providers that would help you communicate faster than messenger-ravens in Winterfell.

The Maple Leaf Country

Home to glaciers and famous ski resorts, Canada is for the kind of person who loves the snow. Choose between leaving all behind and start a new life in Vancouver or moving in your personal belongings and furniture by trucking in Kitchener.  Either way, computer and internet are accessible in almost all parts of Canada.

Tech Within Reach

Canada Computers, an electronic services company have stores in Ajax, Barrie, Brampton—all throughout Canada. They specialize in selling computer and its parts: keyboards, mouse, hard drives and more, repairing laptops and installing software. So you shouldn’t worry about living in an ice hole to rot. Heck, you shouldn’t worry having a depressing Jon Snow life out there in an endless winter.

Communication Unwaivered

Internet-service providers, to mention a few: Teksavvy, Virgin Mobile, KWIC Internet are working hard enough to give their customers a fast and stable connection so fret not! Even in public, you can use a computer and internet for free of charge as this service is sponsored by the government of Canada to provide community access in a computer lab like PHIRST LINK.

Creating Connections

You could chat that girl you’ve been meaning to ask out since forever! If that happens, boy, you’re no Jon Snow because you can take a wife and can bear children in no time! You should work on buying a land though if you move, but if you do, maybe you should seriously consider taking all your stuff to trucking in Kitchener or Vancouver, anywhere habitable in Canada and have a happy home to build!